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A Nordic Weekend Abroad

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Norway was one of my more recent destinations of my weekend travels and it was beautiful. Snow covered landscapes and picturesque views filled my time there. Norway was one place that we could not take a train to, so we flew. Technically, a train is possible; it just would have taken way too long for the short amount of time we had to go. We got in to Oslo late at night, so we didn’t...

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Pictures of Ireland - Life at Lipscomb Blog

Country vs. City: No contest in Ireland

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The first travel weekend, I and seven other Vienna-based students had the opportunity to travel to Ireland for the weekend. We went to see Dublin and some of the countryside and had a great time. If you ever find yourself going to Ireland my one tip would be to go see the countryside over the city of Dublin. The city, I found was more modern and less charming than I expected. There were a couple...

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