Student pharmacists gain hands-on experience around the world

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One of the unique aspects of Lipscomb University’s College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences is an opportunity for student pharmacists to gain hands-on experience in health care settings internationally through the global grand rounds program.

During the 2016-17 school year, student pharmacists traveled to Belize, Malawi and Florence, Italy, to learn more about health care in other cultures. This summer three groups of student pharmacists traveled to Florence and one student went to Malawi to work in local pharmacies, hospitals and universities.

“Getting to step out and see something new was the biggest thing for me,” said student pharmacist Allie Dixon. “Before I came to Lipscomb I hadn’t really traveled much. So getting to see a new culture and how to apply the things that I learned there back to the field here.”

“I think anyone who has an opportunity to travel should. You get to learn about the culture, you learn to think outside the box and to adapt to being in a different culture,” she said.


The trips are coordinated through the university's Global Learning Program, which offers a variety of semester-long and short term travel study opportunities.

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